Lab folk

Prospective lab members:

I currently accept graduate students through two graduate groups at UC Merced: Cognitive & Information Sciences and Quantitative & Systems Biology.  In general, I look for curious folks with strong quantitative skills who have broad interests across the cognitive, social, and biological sciences. The best way to get a feel for the kind of work I do is to have a look at my papers. The best way to get a feel for what I’d be like as an advisor or collaborator is to talk to me. Drop me a line with any questions.

Current lab members:

Matt Turner. PhD student, Cognitive & Information Sciences. Political language, metaphor, polarization, metascience. Big data, agent-based models.

Amin Boroomand. PhD student, Quantitative & Systems Biology. Computational biology, social evolution, collective problem solving, agent-based models.

Karie Moorman. PhD student, Cognitive & Information Sciences. Metaphor, psycholinguistics, sociocultural identity, machine learning. Co-advising with Colin Holbrook.

Former lab members:

Pablo Contreras Kallens. PhD student, Cognitive & Information Sciences, 2016-2018. Philosophy of science, scientometrics, emergence of concepts, models of social dynamics. Now PhD student at Cornell University.

Giulio Galdi. Visiting PhD student, Fall 2017. Doctoral student in Development Economics and Local Systems at the Universities of Trento and Florence. Social identity, cognitive distance, models of microeconomic phenomena.

Tom Flamson: Postdoctoral researcher, 2016–2017. Cognitive anthropologist with fieldwork in Brazil. Interested in signaling theory, social assortment, evolution of humor. Currently a senior researcher at California Department of Social Services.