Sometimes I get filmed giving a talk. Some of those times are posted here. I’ve also posted some other videos I made or appear in. For a more complete list, see this YouTube playlist.


Five Models of Science

UC Davis. January 29, 2019. Full symposium here.


The Natural Selection of Bad Science

UC Merced. November 16, 2017. Slides here. I have given this talk a number of times, but  this was the only time it was filmed, and the quality of the video is unfortunately only middling.

Introduction to (Agent-Based) Modeling

UC Davis. May 18, 2017. Guest lecture for a UC-wide MOOC on Computational Social Science.


Why Bad Science Spreads

August 25, 2019. Not a talk, but a nicely made video by popular YouTube channel Coffee Break featuring my work on the cultural evolution of scientific methods.


Multi-agent Braitenberg Vehicle Simulation

A little movie from my grad school days. Valentino Braitenberg’s book Vehicles: Experiments in Synthetic Psychology was really inspiring to me. It’s a fantastic little book that I recommend for just about anyone interested in behavior, evolution, mind, robots, and the like. I made a little simulation with a simple Braitenberg vehicle that avoided stationary light sensors. Then I thought, what would happen if there were lots of vehicles, and they all emitted light? Here’s the result. The vehicles start “emitting light” around 0:54.