Sometimes I get filmed giving a talk. Some of those times are posted here. I’ve also posted some other videos I made or appear in. For a more complete list, see this YouTube playlist.

How to Teach Modeling, or Thoughts on a Pedagogy for Cultural Evolution

NIMBioS. October 6, 2020. Slides here. A talk motivating the 7-lecture mini course I did on Modeling Social Dynamics.

Five Models of Science

UC Davis. January 29, 2019. Full symposium here.

The Natural Selection of Bad Science

UC Merced. November 16, 2017. Slides here. I have given this talk a number of times, but  this was the only time it was filmed, and the quality of the video is unfortunately only middling.

Introduction to (Agent-Based) Modeling

UC Davis. May 18, 2017. Guest lecture for a UC-wide MOOC on Computational Social Science.

Why Bad Science Spreads

August 25, 2019. Not a talk, but a nicely made video by popular YouTube channel Coffee Break featuring my work on the cultural evolution of scientific methods.

Multi-agent Braitenberg Vehicle Simulation

A little movie from my grad school days. Valentino Braitenberg’s book Vehicles: Experiments in Synthetic Psychology was really inspiring to me. It’s a fantastic little book that I recommend for just about anyone interested in behavior, evolution, mind, robots, and the like. I made a little simulation with a simple Braitenberg vehicle that avoided stationary light sensors. Then I thought, what would happen if there were lots of vehicles, and they all emitted light? Here’s the result. The vehicles start “emitting light” around 0:54.